xjam February 13th, 2009

XJam is a build of Jam, designed for easy cross-compilation on embedded systems.

The classic Perforce jam is mostly designed around the idea that you're building for the same machine that you're compiling on. I've tried to seperate the two.

This version has a Jambase that only includes host-specific things, and has no knowledge of compilers, linkers, etc. Each target system has it's own module which you can include if you wish to use it. In order to accomplish this I've obviously had to extend Jam with module support. A benefit of this is that the Jambase is a lot cleaner and can now be properly extended by the user.

Also, this release contains several of the patches that have been floating around on the Perforce public depot. Most notable is Craig McPheeters' header caching support, which should speed up dependency generation on large projects. I've also updated the Visual Studio support to VS.NET 2005.

Right now there's only a binary release for Windows, as I don't have access to many of the other systems to test on. If there's any interest, I'll try and build the Unix/Mac OS X versions and upload them. I'll also update the documentation.

version 2.5x – 14.6.2008

Written by Richard Mitton,

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