Very Sleepy 0.7, now with added 64-bitness October 13th, 2010

Very Sleepy 0.7 has been released!

The 0.7 release now has 64-bit support. The installer will automatically install the correct version for your machine. This work not be possible without the tireless effort of Johan Kohler, and his threats to open a can of surstromming if I didn't upload it.

NOTE: Users of XP64 will not be able to profile 32-bit processes using the 64-bit build, due to the way WoW64 works. It will work correctly on Vista and above though.

If you have a 64-bit machine, and are already using the 32-bit version, you should uninstall that first before upgrading.

Written by Richard Mitton,

software engineer and travelling wizard.

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