Very Sleepy

Very Sleepy is a free C/C++ CPU profiler for Windows systems.

I originally started it as a simple fork of Nick Chapman's sleepy, because I had some features I wanted adding, but these days Very Sleepy is developed thanks to the efforts of dozens of people who work to contribute to it.

It supports any native Windows app, if it has standard PDB or DWARF debugging information. No recompilation is necessary – it can just attach to any app as it's running.

Both 32-bit x86 and 64-bit x64 systems are fully supported, and Very Sleepy will work with both Visual Studio or gcc/mingw compilers.

Profiling results are displayed in full call-graph format, and can additionally be saved and exported to CSV format.

Very Sleepy is released under the GNU Public License, so you're guaranteed the right to the source code and to change it how you wish.

For support, bug reports, and to help contribute, please visit our GitHub page.



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Version 0.91 – 8.19.2021

Combined Windows x86/64 installer.

Source code
.ZIP of the source tree.

GitHub page
Access to development versions and bug reports.


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