Yes, we have threading! March 25th, 2009

At long last, with many thanks to the wonderful efforts of Dan Engelbrecht, we finally have support for profiling programs with more than one thread.

According to Dan:
The dialog is now split in two sections, on top are the processeses and below is a list of threads for the selected process.

Once you select a process you can select one or more threads to profile, all the samples from the separate threads will be merged into one big profiling result.

I also tweaked the Refresh button so if you have a process selected it tries to find it again and re-select it, useful if the thread you wanted wasn't alive when you selected the process the first time.
The CPU usage display should also be correct now, taking core count and process affinity into consideration.

I've rolled this into a new release, version 0.5, and published it.

Written by Richard Mitton,

software engineer and travelling wizard.

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