Waxeye March 31st, 2009

Waxeye is a simple scannerless parser generator.

I'm uploading some Win32 binaries for it, as it was a bit annoying to have to build it from source. Hopefully someone else may find this helpful.

I've included the backend support for building C/C++ parsers. Just set your include and lib paths to point at the waxeye ones. I've built an VS2005 library for it.

I had to actually make the whole thing build as C++ rather than C, as VS2005 isn't too hot with C99 compliance.

There's also the 'calc' sample project included, ready to build and go.

So basically all you need to do, to get something running, is this -
waxeye -g C outputdir input.g

Written by Richard Mitton,

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