Very Sleepy 0.9 January 16th, 2015

Attentive readers may have noticed there hasn't been much activity on the Very Sleepy front in recent years. This has led to several people forking Sleepy in order to provide new fixes. Of course, due to the GPL license the project exists under, this is not only allowed, but even encouraged!

However, having multiple forks around tends to confuse users as to which version they should be using. It also makes it harder to know where to go to get the "latest" version.

A lot of this was a failure on my part, due to not having an online DCVS repository for people to be able to contribute to. Maintenance gets a lot easier when pull requests can drop straight in.

One of the more popular forks is Vladimir Panteleev's GitHub-hosted Very Sleepy CS. Vladimir has put an incredible amount of effort into new improvements and bugfixes over the past couple of years. Thanks to persistent pestering on his part, the decision has been made to merge the two projects back together.

Very Sleepy CS will now be dropping the "CS" and merge into the official distribution. The homepage will remain active here at the same address (, and news updates will continue to be posted here as new versions are released.

Vladimir's GitHub page will become the official repository for latest development versions, and for bug tracking.

The latest CS version has been posted to the homepage here for download. If you're still using 0.82, what are you waiting for? :-)

It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy... ...let's go exploring!

Changes brought forward from the CS branch:

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